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Children's Spare Or Busy Time? Exploring Differences in Extraschool Activities across Children in Europe and Understanding The Consequences for Later Outcomes

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Compagnia San Paolo 2014
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Compagnia San Paolo
48.500 Euro
01/01/2015 - 31/12/2020
Prof.ssa Chiara Daniela Pronzato

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Increasingly, scientists from different disciplines have dedicated their efforts to understand how childhood conditions influence the development of an individual. School and family play a role in this process. More prepared and motivated children today lead to more successful adults tomorrow, in the labor market as well as in all other life dimensions (health, civic participation, parenthood responsibilities) with benefits for the whole society.

 Between the end of school-day and bedtime, time can be used for more or less structured activities, with other children and adults. Very little is known on how children from different families spend this time and what consequences it can have on their development and wellbeing and nothing is known on how participation in extra-curricular activities depends on offer and prices.

 Evidence from US shows that participation in extra-curricular activities is becoming, together with other traits (family stability, parenting stile, economic and cultural resources), a further distinctive of diverging destinies of “our kids”. Children from more advantaged families have access to better opportunities in their extra school time, potentially increasing inequality.

 Yet there is no study in Europe that addresses this issue. The aim of TimeExtraSchool is to fill this gap by providing new evidence on the effects of the use of extra-school time on child development and wellbeing. The project will be devoted to the analysis of the existing European data.

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