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Feasibility study for a UBI as a 'Peace Dividend' in Northern lreland

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Università di Friburgo
Settore ERC
SH1_13 - Labour and demographic economics
SH2_3 - Conflict resolution, war, peace building, international law
01/01/2022 - 31/12/2022
Roberto Leombruni

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This project sits within the newly established Basic Income and Peacebuilding FRIBIS
group. The purpose of this group is to explore UBI's potential as a tool to aid
peacebuilding. This work will focus on applying UBI within the post-conflict context
of Northern Ireland, seeking to test UBI's efficacy as a 'Peace Dividend'. Northern
Ireland is seen as the ideal place to test this concept given its context as a developed
post-confìict region situated within the UK. Poverty rates in N1 continue to be
some of the highest in Northern Europe and there are particularly high levels of
deprivation in areas worst affected by the conflict. Additonally, as a result of
COVID, public awareness of UBI has never been higher, with many political parties
embracing the concept during the pandemic. Therefore, now is the right time
to prepare tangible plans for how a UBI could be delivered in Northern Ireland, via
a feasibility study.

The specific contribution of University of Turin will be the development of an agent-based model (ABM) exercise, which will provide unique and cutting-edge research into exactly how a UBI might transform Northern Irish society away from patterns of conflict related behaviour.

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