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European Migration Studies (EUMS)

Cattedra Jean Monnet
Programma di ricerca
Ente finanziatore
Commissione Europea
50.000,00 €
17/10/2020 - 16/10/2023

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Descrizione del progetto

The mission of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Migration Studies is to be a hub of interdisciplinary knowledge on migration for students, researchers and practitioners at local, national and international level.

The cornerstones of the project are:

  • the course on the Economics of Migration in Europe (ECMEU), combining demography and economics;
  • the course on Economics and Management of European Human Resources (EMEUHR);
  • 2 laboratories, on Migration Data (LabMIDA) and Econometric Results (LabER) for a statistical approach;
  • 3 satellite seminars (CUCOMINT, MINEU and DREUFARE) for insights from Cultural Economy, Anthropology, Psychology, Geography, Law and Political Science.

Academic outreaching will be done through international conferences.

Special Units (on Project Design and Impact Evaluation DAU and on Legal Support LCU) and 2 Winter Schools, on “Project Design and Impact Evaluation” (WS-DIE) and on “How to communicate Migration” (WS-HCM), for practitioners, bridge academic content with fieldwork outcomes. Researchers and teachers will deliver educational and consulting services; practitioners attending classes, Special lectures and Round Tables will contribute feedback on their field experience. This interactive framework will promote research, good practice and policy-making.

Scholarly contributions, student internships and events targeting a broader scene, from conferences to “edutainment” opportunities, will offer methodological/procedural know-how.

Featuring a proactive, participation-based methodology, this cooperative configuration embeds and valorises the work of practitioners, inspiring policies, attracting civil society leaders and promoting a larger community of professionals as well as volunteers, reaching social actors in a variety of domains, from legal and business management to social work.

National and international debate will be enhanced from Italy, a key country in EU migration, and from a key multi-ethnic and plurilingual “laboratory” such as Turin.

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