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Lunch seminar sono organizzati dal Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis" dell'Università di Torino
Lunch seminars are organized by the Department of Economics and Statistics "Cognetti de Martiis" of the University of Torino
Lungo Dora Siena 100A, 10153 Torino 

Thursdays 1-2pm, Seminar Room, Third Floor D1

Organizzatore/Local organizer: Pierluigi Conzo

Second-Term Program a.a. 2016-2017

* ESt invited seminar   

Giorno/Day Relatore/Speaker

Titolo del seminario/Seminar's title

19 January Chiara Ardito (University of Turin) The effect of pension reforms on the take up rates of other social benefits
26 January * Alessandra Casarico (Bocconi University) Top incomes and the gender divide
9 February (5.00pm) Lluis Bonet (University of Barcelona) Crowdfunding cultural projects: a comparative analysis between the Nordic countries and Spain
16 February * Paolo Paesani (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”) Unconventional monetary policy ante litteram: Richard Kahn and the monetary policy debate during the works of the Radcliffe Committee
9 March * Sylvie Rivot (Université de Haute-Alsace & BETA-Université de Strasbourg) Economic policy as expectations management: Keynes’ and Friedman’s complementary approaches
16 March * Karl Storchmann (New York University) Wine and climate change
23 March * Andrea Gavosto & Gianfranco De Simone (Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli) Patterns of Value-Added Creation in the Transition from Primary to Lower Secondary Education in Italy
30 March Ilaria Bertazzi (University of Turin) The evolution of private property revisited: an agent-based modeling approach
6 April *  Enrico Rettore (University of Trento) The Chips Are Down: The Influence of Family on Children's Trust Formation
12 April * Giorgia Romagnoli (Universiteit van Amsterdam) Status Quo Bias under uncertainty: An experimental study
20 April * Daniele Coen-Pirani (University of Pittsburgh) Geographic mobility and redistribution
27 April * Sarah Anderson (University of California Santa Barbara) Salience and the Government Provision of Public Goods
4 May * Franco Donzelli (University of Milan) Alternative Equilibrium Conceptions in Walras's Theoretical System
11 May *  Tommaso Frattini (University of Milan) and Elena Meschi (University of Venice Ca Foscari) Immigrants’ peer effects in vocational schools
18 May Enrica Maria Martino (University of Turin) Back to Black? The Impact of Regularizing Migrant Workers
1 June * Simone Schüller ( Ifo Institute, Munich) Broadband Diffusion and Firm Performance in Rural Areas: Quasi-Experimental Evidence
8 June * Karol Borowiecki (University of Southern Denmark) The Origins of Creativity: The Case of the Arts in the United States since 1850
22 June Anna D’Ambrosio (Polytechnic of Turin, Department of Management and Production Engineering) Diversity and innovation in Start-ups: Evidence from Germany
29 June * Stefano Sacchi (University of Milan - President, National Institute
for the Analysis of Public Policies INAPP)
Austerity. Where and when democratic politics still matters
6 July * Alessandra Cassar (University of San Francisco) The Competitive Woman

First-Term Program a.a. 2016-2017

* ESt invited seminar  



Titolo delseminario/Seminar's title

6 October         

Carlo Lallo (University of Brixen)

Retirement systems: tools and principles to face the demographic change

12 October * Hirokazu Miyazaki (Cornell University)

The Uses of the Model of the Gift in the Anthropology of Finance

20 October

Fabio Berton (University of Turin)

Banks, firms and jobs
27 October Sara Grubanov-Boskovic (University of Turin)

Employment protection legislation and mismatch: evidence from a reform

3 November Margherita Calderone (University of Turin) Are There Different Spillover Effects From Cash Transfers to Men and Women?
10 November Paola Minoia (University of Helsinki – Luzzati Chair in Cooperation & Development 2016/2017)

About International Development as a goal: reflections and alternatives

16 November Paolo Silvestri (University of Turin) Welfare State and Taxation: Between Gift and Corruption 
24 November

Giovanna Segre (University of Turin)

Cultural and creative production: New evidence from the Italian model
1 December

Christophe Feder (University of Aosta Valley)

Technology adoption, brand strength and consumption externalities
15 December * Marina Della Giusta (University of Reading) Beliefs, exams and social media: a study of girls and boys in the UK
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