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I Lunch seminar sono organizzati dal Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis" dell'Università di Torino
Lunch seminars are organized by the Department of Economics and Statistics "Cognetti de Martiis" of the University of Torino
Lungo Dora Siena 100A (10153 Torino 

Thursdays 1-2pm (Seminar Room | Third Floor D1)

Organizzatore/Local organizer: Fabio Berton

First-Term Program a.a. 2019-2020

* ESt invited seminar

*** Questi seminari si terranno dalle ore 12 alle 13 con il sistema di Web conference (Webex)

Giorno/Day Relatore/Speaker

Titolo del seminario/Seminar's title

19 September * Maria De Paola (University of Calabria) Fertility Decisions and Employment Protection: Evidence from the Italian Jobs Act Reform
26 September * Marco Francesconi (University of Essex) Do Stricter Drink Driving Laws Save Lives? Evidence from Britain
3 October * Giuseppe Attanasi (Bocconi University) TBA
10 October  Matteo Migheli (University of Torino) Some Experimental Evidence on Type Stability and Response Times
17 October Roberto Zotti (University of Torino) Perceived immigration and voting behavior
31 October Angela Ambrosino and Mario Cedrini (Unversity of Torino) The unity of science and the disunity of economics
7 November * Francesca Luppi (Catholic University of Milan) Lifetime events and the well-being of older people
14 November * Guglielmo Maria Caporale (Brunel University) On the Persistence of Uk Inflation: A Long-Range Dependence Approach
21 November Vito Frontuto (University of Torino) TBA
28 November * Alessandro Di Nallo (University of Lausanne) The heterogeneous effect of unemployment on fertility. Evidence from Swedish registers
5 December Anna Novaresio (University of Torino) Smart cities and sustainable mobility: the effect of a smart and sustainable mobility policy on urban air quality in Paris region
12 December* Fabio Tufano (University of Nottingham) Revealing the Economic Consequences of Group Cohesion
19 December* Jack Birner (University of Trento) The quite revolution in Dutch politics. How economics changed the norms for Dutch Electoral Programmes
16 January Marco Sanfilippo (University of Turin) Trade Liberalization, Roads and Firm Performance
23 January* Seth Sanders (Cornell University) Estimating the Effect of School Quality on Mortality in the Presence of Migration: Evidence from the Jim Crow South
6 February* Sauro Mocetti (Bank of Italy) Opening the Black-box of Managerial Talent
13 February


Welcome coffee: introducing the new post-doc fellows
20 February

Dalila De Rosa (University of Torino)

Daniela Piazzalunga (FBK-IRVAPP)

Tackling the Gender Gap in Mathematics with Innovative Teaching Methods


27 February*

Maria Cristina Marcuzzo (Sapienza University of Rome) "Pets and favorites": Keynes’s Practice as Investor in the Stock Exchange


6 March

Anna Alberini (University of Maryland)

New Car Sales and CO2 Emissions Taxes: Evidence from Germany


19 March

Francesco Carbonero (University of Turin) TBA


26 March

Matteo Tubiana (University of Bergamo) TBA


2 April*

Beatrice Braut (University of Torino) Women find some power to compete


8 April

Annika Herr (University of Hannover) TBA

23 April***

Francesco Carbonero (University of Torino) Risk aversion of women? Not through experts


23 April*

Ivo Maes (National Bank of Belgium) Robert Triffin: Father of the ECU and Euro?

30 April***

Beatrice Braut (University of Torino) Women find some power to compete


30 April*

Karen Hauge (Frisch Centre for Economic Research) TBA
7 May*** Davide Bellucci (University of Torino) Fake news about immigration and labour-market discrimination: an experimental investigation

15 May***

Matteo Tubiana (University of Bergamo) The social returns of R&D investments: recent insights from the most prominent R&D investors in the world


14 May

Sara Origlia (University of Torino)
Strangers in the night. Should we really be scared by migrant workers?


21 May*

Merve Burnazoglu (Utrecht University School of Economics) Built-in Normativity in Tailoring Identity: The Case of the EU Skills Profile Tool for Integrating Refugees
21 May*** Giandomenica Becchio (University of Torino) "A History of Feminist and Gender Economics"

28 May***

Lia Pacelli (Università di Torino) Labor market reforms and workforce mix. Evidence from firm-level data


28 May*

Natalia Montinari (University of Bologna) TBA
4 June*** Fabio Berton (University of Torino) Strangers in the night. Should we really be scared by migrant workers?
12 June*** Pierluigi Conzo (University of Torino) Behavioral and physiological effects of immigrant representation in ethnically mixed and homogenous societies
18 June***

Stefano Dughera (University of Paris-Nanterre)

Marco Giraudo (University of Torino)

Privacy rights in online interactions and litigation dynamics: a social custom view
25 June*** Federico Revelli andRoberto Zotti (University of Torino) Multilevel taxation, competition and sorting: evidence from regional border
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