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 Serie dei Working Papers del Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis" - ISSN: 2039-4004

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Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio and Fabio Privileggi, (01/2018) "Fractal Attractors in Economic Growth Models with Random Pollution Externalities"

Cinzia Di Novi, Rowena Jacobs and Matteo Migheli, (02/2018) "Smoking Inequality across Genders and Socio-economic Classes. Evidence from Longitudinal Italian Data"

Paolo Silvestri, (03/2018) "Welfare State and Taxation. The Critical Point of Freedom Between Gift and Corruption"

Gaetano Carmeci, Luciano Mauro and Fabio Privileggi, (04/2018) "Growth Maximizing Government Size and Social Capital"

Cristiano Antonelli, Christophe Feder and Francesco Quatraro, (05/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Directed Technological Change and Technological Congruence: A New Framework for the Smart Specialization Strategy"

Francesco Quatraro and Alessandra Scandura, (06/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Academic Inventors and the Antecedents of Green Technologies. A Regional Analysis of Italian Patent Data"

Gianluca Orsatti, François Perruchas, Davide Consoli And Francesco Quatraro, (07/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Public Procurement, Local Labor Markets and Green Technological Change: Evidence from US Commuting Zones"

Sandro Montresor and Francesco Quatraro, (08/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Green Technologies and Smart Specialisation Strategies: A European Patent-Based Analysis of the Intertwining of Technological Relatedness and Key-Enabling-Technologies"

Silvia Labriola and Chiara Pronzato, (09/2018) "The determinants of children's use of extra-school time in Europe"

Pierluigi Conzo and Roberto Zotti, (10/2018) "Blessed are the First: The Long-Term Effect of Birth Order on Trust"

Elena Claudia Meroni, Daniela Piazzalunga and Chiara Pronzato, (11/2018) "Use of extra-school time and child behaviours. Evidence from the UK"

Eric Estolatan, Aldo Geuna, Marco Guerzoni and Massimiliano Nuccio, (12/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Mapping the Evolution of the Robotics Industry: A cross country comparison"

Simone Marsiglio and Fabio Privileggi, (13/2018) "On the Economic Growth and Environmental Trade-Off: a Multi-Objective Analysis"

Matteo Migheli and Roberto Zotti, (14/2018) "The Strange Case of Matthew Effect and Beauty Contest: Research Evaluation and Specialisation in the Italian Universities"

Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Anna Maccagnan and Silvia Mendolia, (15/2018) "The Gender Gap in Attitudes and Test Scores: a new construct of the mathematical capability"

Federico Revelli and Roberto Zotti, (16/2018) "The Sacred and the Profane of Budget Cycles: Evidence from Italian Municipalities"

Dalit Contini and Federica Cugnata, (17/2018) "How do institutions affect learning inequalities? Revisiting difference-in-difference models with international assessments"

Benedetto Leporia, Aldo Geuna and Antonietta Mira, (18/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Scientific Output of US and European Universities Scales Super-linearly with Resources"













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