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 Serie dei Working Papers del Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis" - ISSN: 2039-4004

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Anna D'Ambrosio, Sandro Montresor, Mario Davide Parrilli, Francesco Quatraro, (01/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Migration, Communities-on-the-move and International Innovation Networks: An Empirical Analysis of Spanish Regions"

Pierluigi Conzo, Arnstein Aassve, Giulia Fuochi and Letizia Mencarini, (02/2017) "The Cultural Foundations of Happiness"

Christophe Feder and Rodrigo Kataishi, (03/2017) "Decentralization in Heterogeneous Regions: A Biased Technological Change Approach"

Paolo Silvestri, (04/2017; CESMEP) "Disputed (disciplinary) Boundaries: Philosophy, Economics and Value Judgments"

Benedetto Lepori, Aldo Geuna and Valerio Veglio, (05/2017; LEI&BRICK) "A Typology of European Universities. Differentiation and resource distribution"

Mario Cedrini and Magda Fontana,  (06/2017; CESMEP) "Just Another Niche in the Wall? How Specialization Is Changing the Face of Mainstream Economics"

Angela Ambrosino and Stefano Fiori, (07/2017) "How Can Formal Norms Change Informal Norms? Douglass North’s Approach to Ideologies and Institutional Change"

Elena Maggi and Elena Vallino, (08/2017) "An Agent-Based Simulation of Urban Passenger Mobility and Related Policies. The Case Study of an Italian Small City"

Ernesto Cassetta, Linda Meleo, Umberto Monarca and Consuelo R. Nava, (09/2017) "Is the Answer Blowin' in the Wind (Auctions)? An Assessment of Italian Auction Procedures to Promote On-Shore Wind Energy"

Consuelo R. Nava, Linda Meleo, Ernesto Cassetta and Giovanna Morelli, (10/2017) "The Impact of the EU-ETS on the Aviation Sector: Competitive Effects of Abatement Efforts by Airlines"

Gianluca Orsatti, Michele Pezzoni and Francesco Quatraro, (11/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Where Do Green Technologies Come From? Inventor Teams’ Recombinant Capabilities and the Creation of New Knowledge"

Cristiano Antonelli, (12/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Endogenous Innovation: The Creative Response"

Cristiano Antonelli, (13/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Digital Knowledge Generation and the Appropriability Trade-Off"

Cristiano Antonelli, (14/2017; LEI&BRICK) "From the Economics of Information to the Economics of Knowledge"

Cristiano Antonelli, (15/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Knowledge Properties and Economic Policy: A New Look "

Dalit Contini, Guido Salza and Andrea Scagni, (16/2017) "Dropout and Time to Degree in Italian Universities Around the Economic Crisis"

Cristiano Antonelli and Gianluigi Ferraris, (17/2017; LEI&BRICK) "The Creative Response and the Endogenous Dynamics of Pecuniary Knowledge Externalities: An Agent Based Simulation Model"

Riccardo Calcagno, Maela Giofré and Maria Cesira Urzì-Brancati, (18/2017) "To Trust is Good, but to Control Is Better: How Investors Discipline Financial Advisors'Activity"

Emanuele Bracco and Federico Revelli, (19/2017) "Concurrent Elections and Political Accountability: Evidence from Italian Local Elections"

Carla Marchese, Simone Marsiglio, Fabio Privileggi and Giovanni B. Ramello, (20/2017) "Endogenous Recombinant Growth and Intellectual Property Rights"













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