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Serie dei Working Papers di LEI & BRICK - Laboratorio di economia dell'innovazione "Franco Momigliano", Bureau of Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Fabrizio Fusillo, Silvia Nencic, Carlo Pietrobelli and Francesco Quatraro, (1/2023) "Co-evolutionary patterns of GVC-trade and knowledge flows in the mining industry: Evidence from Latin America"

Fabrizio Fusillo, Francesco Quatraro and Cristina Santhià, (02/2023) "Leveraging on Circular Economy Technologies for Recombinant Dynamics: Do Localized Knowledge and Digital Complementarities Matter?"

Elettra D’Amico, Maksim Belitski and Alessandra Colombelli, (03/2023) "Evaluating Internal and External Knowledge Sources in Adopting Artificial Intelligence"

Alessandra Colombelli, Maksim Belitski and Elettra D’Amico, (04/2023) "Artificial Intelligence and Firm Innovation: The Resource-Allocation Perspective"

Federico Caviggioli, Alessandra Colombelli and Chiara Ravetti, (01/2022) "Peers and stars: the role of gender among coinventors"

Stefano Dughera, Francesco Quatraro and Claudia Vittori, (01/2021) "Innovation, on-the-Job Learning, and Labor Contracts: An Organizational Equilibria Approach"

Stefano Dughera, Francesco Quatraro, Andrea Ricci, Claudia Vittori, (02/2021) "For the rest of our lives: Flexibility and innovation in Italy"

Gianluca Orsatti, Francesco Quatraro and Alessandra Scandura, (03/2021) "Green technological diversification and local recombinant capabilities: The role of technological novelty and academic inventors"

Anna D'Ambrosio, Sandro Montresor, Mario Davide Parrilli, Francesco Quatraro, (01/2017) "Migration, communities-on-the-move and international innovation networks: An empirical analysis of Spanish regions"

Benedetto Lepori, Aldo Geuna and Valerio Veglio, (02/2017) "A Typology of European Universities. Differentiation and resource distribution"

Gianluca Orsatti, Michele Pezzoni and Francesco Quatraro, (03/2017) "Where Do Green Technologies Come From? Inventor Teams' Recombinant Capabilities and the Creation of New Knowledge"

Cristiano Antonelli, (04/2017) "Endogenous Innovation: The Creative Response"

Cristiano Antonelli, (05/2017) "Digital Knowledge Generation and the Appropriability Trade-Off"

Cristiano Antonelli, (06/2017) "From the Economics of Information to the Economics of Knowledge"

 Cristiano Antonelli, (07/2017) "Knowledge Properties and Economic Policy: A New Look "

Cristiano Antonelli and Gianluigi Ferraris, (08/2017) "The Creative Response and the Endogenous Dynamics of Pecuniary Knowledge Externalities: An Agent Based Simulation Model"

Cristiano Antonelli (09/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Knowledge Exhaustibility and Schumpeterian Growth"

Cristiano Antonelli (10/2017; LEI&BRICK) "The Engines of the Creative Response: Reactivity and Knowledge Governance"

Cristiano Antonelli and Alessandra Colombelli (11/2017; LEI&BRICK) "The Locus of Knowledge Externalities and the Cost of Knowledge"

Alessandra Colombelli, Jackie Krafft and Marco Vivarelli, (01/2016) "New firms and post-entry performance: the role of innovation"

Roman Fudickar, Hanna Hottenrott and Cornelia Lawson, (02/2016) "What's the price of consulting? Effects of public and private sector consulting on academic research"

Marco Guerzoni and Alexander Jordan, (03/2016) ""Cursed is the ground because of you": Religion, Ethnicity, and the Adoption of Fertilizers in Rural Ethiopia"

Alessandra Colombelli and Francesco Quatraro, (04/2016) "Green startups and local knowledge bases: Newborn suppliers of energy-related technologies in Italian Provinces"

Nadine Marmai, Maria Franco Villoria and Marco Guerzoni, (05/2016) "How the Black Swan damages the harvest: statistical modelling of extreme events in weather and crop production in Africa, Asia, and Latin America"

Alessandra Colombelli, Anna D'Ambrosio, Valentina Meliciani and Francesco Quatraro, (06/2016) "Explaining the industrial variety of newborn firms: The role of cultural and technological diversity"

Cristiano Antonelli, Francesco Crespi, Christian Mongeau and Giuseppe Scellato, (07/2016) "Knowledge Composition, Jacobs Externalities and Innovation Performance in European Regions"

Cristiano Antonelli, (08/2016) "The Derived Demand for Knowledge"

Aldo Geuna and Sotaro Shibayama, (01/2015) "Moving Out Of Academic Research: Why Scientists Stop Doing Research?"

Stefano Bianchini, Jackie Krafft, Francesco Quatraro and Jacques Ravix, (02/2015) "Corporate Governance, Innovation and Firm Age: Insights and New Evidence"

Aldo Geuna, Rodrigo Kataishi, Manuel Toselli, Eduardo Guzmán, Cornelia Lawson, Ana Fernandez-Zubieta and Beatriz Barros, (03/2015;) "SiSOB Data Extraction and Codification: A tool to analyse scientific careers"

Cornelia Lawson, Aldo Geuna, Ana Fernández-Zubieta, Rodrigo Kataishi and Manuel Toselli, (04/2015) "International Careers of Researchers in Biomedical Sciences: A Comparison of the US and the UK"

Alessandra Colombelli, Jackie Krafft and Francesco Quatraro, (05/2015) "Eco-innovation and firm growth: Do green gazelles run faster? Microeconometric evidence from a sample of European firms"

Sandro Montresor and Francesco Quatraro, (06/2015) "Do Key Enabling Technologies shape regional Smart Specialization Strategies? A patent based analysis of European data"

Claudio Fassio, Fabio Montobbio and Alessandra Venturini, (07/2015) "How Do Native and Migrant Workers Contribute to Innovation?"

Ana Fernandez-Zubieta, Aldo Geuna and Cornelia Lawson, (08/2015) "What do We Know of the Mobility of Research Scientists and of its Impact on Scientific Production"

Cristiano Antonelli and Paul David, (09/2015) "The Economic Properties of Information and Knowledge: an Introduction"

Cristiano Antonelli and Paul David, (10/2015) "The Useful Application of Knowledge: an Introduction"

Albert N. Link and Cristiano Antonelli, (11/2015) "Strategic Alliances: An Introductory Framework"

Cristiano Antonelli and Paul David, (12/2015) "The Generation of Knowledge as an Emergent System Property: An Introduction"

Cristiano Antonelli and Paul David, (13/2015) "Knowledge, Institutions and Economic Policy: An Introduction"


Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas, Aldo Geuna, Cornelia Lawson and Federica Rossi, (01/2014) "How Industry Inventors Collaborate with Academic Researchers: The choice between shared and unilateral governance forms"

Cornelia Lawson and Sándor Soós, (02/2014) "A thematic mobility measure for econometric analysis."

Cornelia Lawson, (03/2014) "Putting the region first: Knowledge Transfer at Universities in Greater Manchester."

Claudia Ghisetti and Francesco Quatraro, (04/2014) "Is green Knowledge improving Environmental Productivity? Sectoral Evidence from Italian Regions."

Aldo Geuna and Matteo Piolatto, (05/2014) "Research Assessment in the UK and Italy: Costly and difficult, but probably worth it (at least for a while)"

Cristiano Antonelli and Giuseppe Scellato, (06/2014) "Firms Size and Directed Technological Change "

Cristiano Antonelli and Claudio Fassio, (07/2014) "Globalization and The Knowledge Driven Economy"

Claudio Fassio, Aldo Geuna and Federica Rossi, (08/2014) "The Contribution of Academic Knowledge to the Value of Industry Inventions: Micro level evidence from patent inventors "

Hanna Hottenrott and Cornelia Lawson, (09/2014) "Flying the nest: How the home department shapes researchers' career paths"

Federica Rossi, Claudio Fassio and Aldo Geuna, (10/2014) "The Role of Institutional Characteristics in Knowledge Transfer: A Comparative Analysis of Two Italian Universities"

Cristiano Antonelli and Alessandra Colombelli, (11/2014) "The Cost of Knowledge"

Alessandra Colombelli, (12/2014) "The Impact of Top Management Team Characteristics on Firms Growth"


Antonelli Cristano and Agnieszka Gehringer (01/2013) "Demand pull and technological flows within innovation systems: the intra-European evidence"

Antonelli Cristano, (02/2013) "Un quadro di politica economica per guidare la transizione dall'economia manifatturiera all'economia digitale della conoscenza"

Antonelli Cristano. e Colombelli A. (03/2013) "Knowledge cumulability and complementarity in the knowledge generation function"

Antonelli Cristano, (04/2013) "The economics of technological congruence"

Antonelli C. e Fassio C. (05/2013) "The economics of the light economy. Globalization, skill biased technological change and slow growth"

Fernández-Zubieta A., Geuna A. and Lawson C. (06/2013) "Researchers' mobility and its impact on scientific productivity"

Aldo Geuna and Mauro Sylos Labini, (07/2013) "Il finanziamento pubblico delle università italiane: venti anni di riforme incompiute"

Cornelia Lawson and Sotaro Shibayama, (08/2013) "Temporary Mobility - A Policy for Academic Career Development"

Riccardo Cappelli and Fabio Montobbio, (09/2013) "European Integration and Knowledge Flows across European Regions"

Cristiano Antonelli, Francesco Crespi and Giuseppe Scellato, (10/2013) "Path Dependent Patterns of Persistence in Productivity Growth"

Cristiano Antonelli and Agnieszka Gehringer, (11/2013) "Innovation and Income Inequality"

Cristiano Antonelli (12/2013) "Globalization Localized Technological Change and the Knowledge Economy"

Cristiano Antonelli (13/2013) "The Economic Complexity of Innovation as a Creative Response"

Francesco Quatraro and Marco Vivarelli, (14/2013) "Entrepreneurship In A Developing Country Context"

Pier Paolo Patrucco (15/2013) "The Evolution of Knowledge Organization: The Emergence of Innovation Platform in the Turin Car System"

Pier Paolo Patrucco (16/2013) "Innovation Platforms, Complexity and the Knowledge-Intensive Firm"

Davide Consoli and Pier Paolo Patrucco (17/2013) "Complexity and the Coordination of Technological Knowledge: The Case of Innovation Platforms"

Hanna Hottenrott and Cornelia Lawson (18/2013) "Fishing for Complementarities: Competitive Research Funding and Research Productivity"

Lawson C. e V. Sterzi (01/2012), "The role of early career factors in academic patenting"

Antonelli C. e G. Ferraris (02/2012), "Endogenous knowledge externalities: An agent based simulation model where schumpeter meets Marshall"

Antonelli C. e C. Fassio (03/2012), "Academic knowledge and economic growth: Are scientific fields all alike"

Antonelli, Cristiano (04/2012), "The foundations of a slow growth economy: Globalization and induced technological change towards a knowledge economy"

Colombelli A. e F. Quatraro (05/2012), "Persistence of innovation and knowledge structure: Evidence from a sample of Italian firms"

Antonelli C., Crepax N. e C. Fassio (06/2012), "The cliometrics of academic chairs. Scientific knowledge and economic growth, the evidence across the Italian regions 1900-1959"

Antonelli, Cristiano (07/2012), "Compulsory licensing: The foundations of an institutional innovation"

Montobbio F. e V. Sterzi (08/2012), "The globalization of technology in emerging markets: A gravity model on the determinants of international patent collaborations"

Colombelli A., Krafft J. e F. Quatraro (09/2012), "Properties of knowledge base and firm survival: Evidence from a sample of French manufacturing firms"

Antonelli C., Barbiellini Amidei F. e C. Fassio (10/2012), "The mechanisms of knowledge governance: State owned enterprises and Italian economic growth, 1950-1994"

Antonelli C., Crespi F. e G. Scellato (11/2012), "Internal and external factors in innovation persistence"

Antonelli C. e C. Fassio (12/2012), "The heterogeneity of knowledge: University-industry relations and the evolution of knowledge governance. The Italian evidence in the first part of the xx century"

Antonelli C., Crespi F. e G. Scellato (13/2012R), "Inside innovation persistence: New evidence from Italian micro- data"

Antonelli C. e A. Gehringer (14/2012), "Knowledge externalities and demand pull: The European evidence"

Hottenrotta H. and C. Lawson (15/2012), "Research Grants, Sources of Ideas and the Effects on Academic Research"

C. Lawson (16/2012), "Academic inventions outside the university: A result of industry sponsorship or entrepreneurial activities?"

Guerzoni M. e M. Nuccio (17/2012), "Music consumption at the dawn of the music industry: the rise of a cultural fad"

Guerzoni M. e E. Raiteri (18/2012), "Innovative public procurement and R&D Subsidies: hidden treatment and new empirical evidence on the technology policy mix in a quasi-experimental setting"

M. Guerzoni, Taylor Aldridge T., Audretsch D. B. and S. Desai (19/2012), "University Knowledge, Originality of Patents and the Creation of New Industries"

Lissoni F. e F. Montobbio (20/2012), "The ownership of academic patents and their impact. Evidence from five European countries"

Lissoni F. e F. Montobbio (21/2012), "Inventorship and authorship as attribution rights: An enquiry into the economics of scientific credit"

Cantono, Simona (22/2012) "Unveiling diffusion dynamics: an autocatalytic percolation model of environmental innovation diffusion and the optimal dynamic path of adoption subsidies"

Antonelli C. e C. Fassio (01/2011), "The Role of External Knowledge in the Introduction of Product and Process Innovations"

Antonelli C. e G. Scellato (02/2011R), "Complexity and Technological Change: Knowledge Interactions and Firm Level Total Factor Productivity"

Antonelli C. e F. Crespi (03/2011), "The "Matthew Effect" in R&D Public Subsidies: The Italian Evidence"

Antonelli, Cristiano (04/2011), "Knowledge Governance Pecuniary Knowledge Externalities and Total Factor Productivity Growth"

Bodas Freitas I. M., Geuna A. e F. Rossi (05/2011), "Patterns of Collaborations between Regional Firms and Universities: Evidence from the Piedmont region in Italy"

Antonelli C. e M. Teubal (06/2011), "From the corporation to venture capitalism: new surrogate markets for knowledge and innovation-led economic growth"

Meissner, Cornelia (07/2011), "Academic Patenting: Opportunity, Support or Attitude?"

Antonelli C. e C. Fassio (08/2011), "Globalization and Innovation in Advanced Economies"

Antonelli C. e A. Colombelli (09/2011R), "Globalization and Directed Technological Change at the Firm Level. The European Evidence"

Winkler A. E., Glänzel W., Levin S. e P. Stephan (10/2011), "The Diffusion of Information Technology and the Increased Propensity of Teams to Transcend Institutional and National Borders"

Antonelli C. e F. Crespi (11/2011), "Matthew Effects and R&D Subsidies: Knowledge Cumulability in High-Tech and Low-Tech Industries"

Quatraro, Francesco (12/2011), "Knowledge Structure and Regional Economic Growth: The French case"

Krafft J., Quatraro F. e P. P. Saviotti (13/2011), "Knowledge characteristics and the dynamics of technological alliances in Pharmaceuticals: Empirical evidence from Europe, US and Japan"

Colombelli A., Krafft J. e F. Quatraro (14/2011), "High Growth Firms and Technological Knowledge: Do gazelles follow exploration or exploitation strategies?"

Fassio, Claudio (15/2011), "Sectoral invariances or distance-from-the-frontier effect among European mid-low tech sectors"


Antonelli C., Krafft J. e F. Quatraro (01/2010), "Recombinant Knowledge and Growth: The Case Of Icts"

Antonelli, Cristiano (2/2010), "From population thinking to organization thinking: Coalitions for innovation. A review article of Complexity perspectives in innovation and social change, by Lane, D.A., van Der Leeuw, S.E., Pumain, D., West, G. (eds.), Springer, Berlin, 2009, pp.1-493"

Antonelli, Cristiano (3/2010), "The economic complexity of technology and innovation. A review article of The nature of technology. What it is and how it evolves, by Arthur, W.B. Free Press, New York, pp.1-247"

Antonelli C., Franzoni F. e A. Geuna (04/2010), "The Organization, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research. What we do know and what we don't know"

Geuna, Aldo (05/2010), "L'economia della conoscenza"

Antonelli, Cristiano (06/2010), "Un piano di politica economica per fronteggiare una depressione schumpeteriana"

Consoli D. e P. P. Patrucco (07/2010), "Complexity and the Coordination of Technological Knowledge: the Case of Innovation Platforms"

Enrietti A. e P. P. Patrucco (08/2010), "Open Innovation and Systemic Reconfiguration in the Car Industry: the Case of Electric Vehicles"

Bodas Freitas I. M., Geuna A. e F. Rossi (09/2010), "University-Industry Interactions:The Unresolved Puzzle"

Antonelli C., Crespi F. e G. Scellato (10/2010), "Inside Innovation Persistence: New Evidence from Italian Micro-data"

Colombelli A. e N. von Tunzelmann (11/2010), "The persistence of innovation and path dependence"

Antonelli C. e A. Colombelli (12/2010), "The microeconomics of directed technological change. The evidence at the firm level"

Bodas Freitas I. M., Geuna A. e F. Rossi (13/2010), "The Governance of University-Industry Knowledge Transfer: Why small firms do (not) develop institutional collaborations?"

Colombelli A. e F. Quatraro (14/2010), "The European Firm"

Geuna A. e F. Rossi (15/2010), "Changes to university IPR regulations in Europe and the impact on academic patenting"

Andersen B. e F. Rossi (16/2010), "Intellectual Property Governance and Knowledge Creation in UK Universities"

Andersen B. e F. Rossi (17/2010), "Universities look beyond the patent policy discourse in their intellectual property strategies"

Shibayama, Sotaro (18/2010), "Distribution of Academic Research Funds: Case of Japanese National Research Grant"

Antonelli, Cristiano (1/2009), "Le grandi scelte nelle telecomunicazioni"

Colombelli, Alessandra (2/2009), "Entrepreneurial dimensions of the growth of small companies"

Antonelli C. e G. Scellato (03/2009), "The persistence of innovation: the italian evidence"

Antonelli, Cristiano (4/2009), "La politica economica delle coalizioni per progettare il futuro e guidare la crescita"

Antonelli, Cristiano (5/2009), "An introduction to the system dynamics of technological change: the basic tools"

Krafft J., Quatraro F. e P. Saviotti (06/2009), "Evolution of the Knowledge Base in Knowledge Intensive Sectors"

Antonelli C. e F. Quatraro (07/2009), "Localized Technological Change and Efficiency Wages: the Evidence across European Regions"

Antonelli C. e G. Scellato (08/2009), "The Localized Introduction Of Biased Technological Change And Productivity Growth. The Empirical Evidence In The Italian Manufacturing Industry"

Krafft J., Quatraro F.e P. Saviotti (09/2009), "The Evolution of Knowledge Base in Knowledge-Intensive Sectors: Social Network Analysis of Biotechnology"

Fontana R. e A. Geuna (10/2009), "The Nature of Collaborative Patenting Activities"

Antonelli C. e G. Ferraris (11/2009), "Innovation as an Emerging System Property: an Agent Based Model"

Antonelli C. e A. Colombelli (12/2009), "The Generation and Exploitation of Technological Change: Market Value and Total Factor Productivity"

Antonelli C. e F. Barbiellini Amidei (13/2009), "Knowledge, innovation and localised technological change in Italy, 1950- 1990"

Antonelli, Cristiano (14/2009), "Appunti per una lettura schumpeteriana della crisi e implicazioni di politica economica"

Costantini V. e F. Crespi (15/2009), "Public policies for a sustainable energy sector: regulation, diversity and fostering of innovation"



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