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Serie dei Working Papers del Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica "Cognetti de Martiis" - ISSN: 2039-4004

Stefano Dughera and Alain Marciano, (01/2022) "Altruism and Strategic Courage. Inside Buchanan's Samaritan's Dilemma"

Michele Belloni, Ludovico Carrino and Elena Meschi, (02/2022) "The Impact of Working Conditions on Mental Health: Novel Evidence from the UK"

Arnstein Aassve, Tommaso Capezzone, Nicolo’ Cavalli, Pierluigi Conzo and Chen Peng, (03/2022) "Trust in the time of coronavirus: longitudinal evidence from the United States"

Huthaifa Alqaralleh, Gazi Salah Uddin and Alessandra Canepa, (04/2022) "Time-frequency connectedness across housing markets, stock market and uncertainty: A Wavelet-Time Varying Parameter Vector Autoregression"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil and Fabio Privileggi, (05/2022) "Stochastic Disease Spreading and Containment Policies under State-Dependent Probabilities"

Adelaide Baronchelli and Raul Caruso, (06/2022) "Italian Small Arms Exports: Between Incentives and International Sanctions"

Consuelo R. Nava, Linda Osti and Maria Grazia Zoia, (07/2022) "Forecasting Domestic Tourism across Regional Destinations through MIDAS Regressions"

Maria Debora Braga, Consuelo R. Nava and Maria Grazia Zoia, (08/2022) "Kurtosis-Based Risk Parity: Methodology and Portfolio Effects"

Anna D’ambrosio and Matteo Migheli, (09/2022) "Regional Resilience through the Lenses of the Capability Approach"

Marta Marson, Matteo Migheli and Donatella Saccone, (10/2022) "Free to Die: Economic Freedoms and Influenza Mortality"

Alessandra Canepa, (11/2022) "Ination Dynamics and Time-Varying Persistence: The Importance of the Uncertainty Channel"

Alessandra Canepa, Menelaos Karanasos, Athanasios Paraskevopoulos and Emilio Zanetti Chini, (12/2022) "Forecasting Ination: A GARCH-in-Mean-Level Model with Time Varying Predictability"

Huthaifa Alqaralleh, Alessandra Canepa and Gazi Salah Uddin, (13/2022) "Dynamic Relations Between Housing Markets, Stock Markets, and Uncertainty in Global Cities: A Time-Frequency Approach"

Giuseppe Bertola, (14/2022) "University Dropout Problems and Solutions"

Angela Ambrosino, Mario Cedrini and John B. Davis, (15/2022) "Today’s economics: One, No One and One Hundred Thousand"

Alessandra Venturini, Cristina Mosso and Andrea Ricci, (16/2022) "Cultural Policies for Migrant Inclusion: A Survey"

Federico Caviggioli, Alessandra Colombelli and Chiara Ravetti, (17/2022; LEI&BRICK) "Peers and stars: the role of gender among coinventors"

Daniela Del Boca and Chiara Pronzato, (18/2022) "The Impact of a Multifaceted Program on Fragile Individuals Evidence from a RCT in Italy"

Enrico Bertacchini, Alessandra Venturini, Roberta Misuraca and Roberto Zotti, (19/2022) "Exploring the relationship between subjective well-being and diversity and intensity in cultural consumption"

Enrico Bertacchini, Alessandra Venturini, Roberto Zotti, Andrea Morelli and Roberta Misuraca, (20/2022) "Il ruolo dei consumi e delle pratiche culturali degli immigrati nei processi di integrazione"

Elena Perra, Marco Sanfilippo and Asha Sundaram, (21/2022) "Roads, Competition, and the Informal Sector"

Stefano Dughera, Francesco Quatraro and Claudia Vittori, (01/2021; LEI&BRICK) "Innovation, on-the-Job Learning, and Labor Contracts: An Organizational Equilibria Approach"

Caterina Muratori, (02/2021) "The Impact of Abortion Access on Violence Against Women"

Lucia Schiavon, (03/2021) "Maternal Postpartum Depression Effects on Child's Health"

Lucia Schiavon, (04/2021) "The Role of Maternal Postpartum Depression on Newborn and Siblings' Behaviour"

Anna Lo Prete, (05/2021) "Financial literacy, education, and voter turnout"

Silvia Ala, Samuel Nocito, Alessandra Venturini and Roberto Leombruni, (06/2021) "La Financial Literacy e il comportamento finanziario dei migranti: analisi di uno studio a Torino"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil and Fabio Privileggi, (07/2021) "Generalized Fractal Transforms with Condensation: a Macroeconomic-Epidemiological Application"

Alessandra Canepa, (08/2021) "Small Sample Adjustment for Hypotheses Testing on Cointegrating Vectors"

Alessandra Canepa, Magda Fontana and Giulia Chersoni, (09/2021) "The Role of Environmental and Financial Concerns on Energy-Saving Investments: A Stochastic Dominance Analysis"

Huthaifa Alqaralleh, Alessandra Canepa and Emilio Zanetti Chini, (10/2021) "Financial Contagion During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Wavelet-Copula-GARCH Approach"

Dalit Contini and Roberto Zotti, (11/2021) "Do financial conditions play a role in university dropout? New evidence from administrative data"

Huthaifa Alqaralleh and Alessandra Canepa, (12/2021) "The Role of Precious Metals in Portfolio Diversification During the Covid19 Pandemic: A Wavelet-Based Quantile Approach"

Huthaifa Alqaralleh, Ahmad Al-Saraireh and Alessandra Canepa, (13/2021) "Energy Market Risk Management under Uncertainty: A VaR Based on Wavelet Approach"

Luca Cattani, Stefano Dughera and Fabio Landini, (14/2021) "Interlocking Complementarities Between Job Design And Labour Contracts"

Stefano Dughera, Francesco Quatraro, Andrea Ricci, Claudia Vittori, (15/2021; LEI&BRICK) "For the rest of our lives: Flexibility and innovation in Italy"

Enrico Bertacchini, Valentina Bolognesi, Alessandra Venturini, Roberto Zotti, (16/2021) "The Happy Cultural Omnivore? Exploring the Relationship between Cultural Consumption Patterns and Subjective Well-Being"

Dalit Contini, Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Caterina Muratori, Daniela Piazzalunga, Lucia Schiavon, (17/2021) "The Covid-19 Pandemic and School Closure: Learning Loss in Mathematics in Primary Education"

Aldo Enrietti, Aldo Geuna, Pier Paolo Patrucco, (18/2021) "L'evoluzione dell'industria automobilistica italiana (1894-2020) attraverso il dataset AUTOITA"

Gianluca Orsatti, Francesco Quatraro and Alessandra Scandura, (19/2021; LEI&BRICK) "Green Technological Diversification and Local Recombinant Capabilities: The Role of Technological Novelty and Academic Inventors"

Anna Lo Prete, (20/2021) "Digital and Financial Literacy as Determinants of Digital Payments and Personal Finance"

Beatrice Braut, (21/2021) "Women and Motivation to Compete: The Role of Advantages"

Marianna Filandri, Lia Pacelli and Francesco Trentini, (22/2021) "Resilience to the Financial Crisis in EU Countries: A Comparative Analysis of NEET Youths in a Longitudinal Perspective"

Arnstein Aassve, Francesca Luppi, Chiara Pronzato and Steve Pudney, (01/2020) "Lifetime events and the well-being of older people"

Vera Palea and Federico Drogo, (02/2020) "Carbon Emissions and the Cost of Debt Financing: What Role for Policy Commitment, Firm Disclosure and Corporate Governance?"

Stefano Dughera and Marco Giraudo, (03/2020) "Privacy Rights in Online Interactions and Litigation Dynamics: a Social Custom View"

Dalit Contini, Riccardo Ricciardi, Marco Romito, Guido Salza and Roberto Zotti, (04/2020) "Improving university dropout and student careers. What room for institutional action?"

Alessandra Canepa and Federico Drogo, (05/2020) "Wildfire Crime and Social Vulnerability in Italy: A Panel Investigation"

Alessandra Canepa, (06/2020) "Bootstrap Bartlett Adjustment for Hypotheses Testing on Cointegrating Vectors"

Alessandra Canepa, (07/2020) "Improvement on the LR Test Statistic on the Cointegrating Relations in VAR Models: Bootstrap Methods and Applications"

Menelaos Karanasos, Alexandros Paraskevopoulos and Alessandra Canepa, (08/2020) "Unified Theory for the Large Family of Time Varying Models with Arma Representations: One Solution Fits All"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil and Fabio Privileggi, (09/2020) "Public Debt Dynamics under Ambiguity by Means of Iterated Function Systems on Density Functions"

Francesco Quatraro and Alessandra Scandura, (10/2020; LEI&BRICK) "Regional patterns of unrelated technological diversification: the role of academic inventors"

Alessandra Canepa, Emilio Zanetti Chini and Huthaifa Alqaralleh, (11/2020) "Global Cities and Local Challenges: Booms and Busts in the London Real Estate Market"

Huthaifa Alqaralleh, Alessandra Canepa and Emilio Zanetti Chini, (12/2020) "COVID-19 Pandemic and Stock Market Contagion: A Wavelet-Copula GARCH Approach"

Roberto Zotti, (13/2020) "Parental Education and Sons’ Earnings: A “Beyond the Mean” Approach along the Sons’ Earnings Distributions"

Leonardo Becchetti, Gianluigi Conzo, Pierluigi Conzo and Francesco Salustri, (14/2020) "Understanding the Heterogeneity of Covid-19 Deaths and Contagions: The Role of Air Pollution and Lockdown Decisions"

Fabrizio Fusillo, (15/2020; LEI&BRICK) "Are Green Inventions really more complex? Evidence from European Patents"

Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Dalit Contini, Dalila De Rosa, Francesca Ferrara, Daniela Piazzalunga and Ornella Robutti, (16/2020) "Tackling the Gender Gap in Math with Active Learning Teaching Practices"

Dalit Contini, Roberto Leombruni e Riccardo Ricciardi, (17/2020) "Valutazione dell’impatto del percorso Passport.Unito sul successo accademico nel primo anno di università"

Dalit Contini and Federica Cugnata, (18/2020) "Does Early Tracking Affect Learning Inequalities? Revisiting Difference-in-difference Modeling Strategies with International Assessments"

Simone Marsiglio and Fabio Privileggi, (19/2020) "Three Dimensional Fractal Attractors in a Green Transition Economic Growth Model"

Alessandra Scandura and Simona Iammarino, (20/2020; LEI&BRICK) "Academic engagement with industry: the role of research quality and experience"

Alessandra Scandura and Daniela Bolzani, (21/2020; LEI&BRICK) "The Role of Collaboration Networks for Innovation in Immigrant-Owned New Technology-Based Firms"

Tommaso Agasisti, Cristian Barra and Roberto Zotti, (22/2020) "Public Finance, Government Spending and Economic Growth: The Case of Local Governments in Italy"

Adalgiso Amendola, Cristian Barra and Roberto Zotti, (23/2020) "Human Capital, Good Government and Economic Development: Evidence from Italian Provinces"

Cristian Barra, Raffaele Lagravinese and Roberto Zotti, (24/2020) "Exploring Hospital Efficiency within and between Italian Regions: New Empirical Evidence"

Davide Consoli, Fabrizio Fusillo, Gianluca Orsatti and Francesco Quatraro, (25/2020; LEI&BRICK) "Skill Endowment, Routinisation and Digital Technologies: Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Areas"

Gianluca Orsatti and Francesco Quatraro, (26/2020; LEI&BRICK) "Local Labor Market Impacts of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Evidence from European Nuts-3 Regions"

Elisabetta Ottoz, Piermassimo Pavese and Lisa Sella, (27/2020) "The Effect of Movida on Residential Property Prices: An Example from Turin"

Marco Giraudo, (28/2020) "Legal Bubbles: A Primer in the Economics of 'Legal Creative Destruction'"

Alessandra Canepa, Emilio Zanetti Chini and Huthaifa Alqaralleh, (01/2019) "Modelling Housing Market Cycles in Global Cities"

Alessandra Canepa, María de la O. González and Frank S. Skinner, (02/2019) "Hedge Fund Strategies: A non-Parametric Analysis"

Alessandra Canepa and Huthaifa Alqaralleh, (03/2019) "Housing Market Cycles in Large Urban Areas"

Bruno Arpino, Pierluigi Conzo and Francesco Salustri, (04/2019) "I’m a survivor, keep on surviving: Early‐life exposure to conflict and subjective survival probabilities in adult life"

Davide Bellucci, Giulia Fuochi and Pierluigi Conzo, (05/2019) "Ain’t got no, I got life: Childhood exposure to WW2 and financial risk taking in adult life"

John K. Dagsvik, Steinar Strøm and Marilena Locatelli, (06/2019) "Marginal Compensated Effects in Discrete Labor Supply Models"

Arnstein Aassve, Pierluigi Conzo and Francesco Mattioli, (07/2019) "Was Banfield Right? New Insights from a Nationwide Laboratory Experiment"

Andrea Scagni, (08/2019) "Performance e abbandono degli studi, contesto familiare e situazione economica: equità e disuguaglianze nei nuovi dati di UNITO"

Aldo Enrietti, Aldo Geuna, Consuelo R. Nava and Pier Paolo Patrucco, (09/2019; LEI&BRICK) "The birth and development of the Italian automotive industry (1894-2015) and the Turin car cluster"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil and Fabio Privileggi, (10/2019) "A Stochastic Economic Growth Model with Health Capital and State-Dependent Probabilities"

Alessandra Canepa, Menelaos G. Karanasos and Alexandros G. Paraskevopoulos, (11/2019) "Second Order Time Dependent Inflation Persistence in the United States: a GARCH-in-Mean Model with Time Varying Coefficients"

Vera Palea, (12/2019) "Accounting for Sustainable Finance: Does Fair Value Accounting Fit for Long-term Equity Investment?"

Cornelia Lawson, Aldo Geuna and Ugo Finardi, (13/2019; LEI&BRICK) "Nurturing knowledge? The impact of funding and family on scientific performance"

Andrea Panelli, (14/2019; LEI&BRICK) "Approccio scientifico al decision making: l’impatto del team di una startup"

Davide Bellucci, Pierluigi Conzo and Roberto Zotti, (15/2019) "Perceived Immigration And Voting Behavior"

Eric Estolatan and Aldo Geuna, (16/2019; LEI&BRICK) "Looking forward via the Past: An Investigation of the Evolution of the Knowledge Base of Robotics Firms"

Claudio Fassio, Aldo Geuna and Federica Rossi, (17/2019; LEI&BRICK) "International knowledge flows between industry inventors and universities: The role of multinational companies"

Manuela Stranges, Daniele Vignoli and Alessandra Venturini, (18/2019) "Comparison is the Thief of Joy. Does Social Comparison Affect Migrants’ Subjective Well-Being?"

Gianna Lotito, Matteo Migheli and Guido Ortona, (19/2019) "Some Experimental Evidence on Type Stability and Response Times"

Selene Rulent, (20/2019) "La percezione dell’immigrazione nei bambini e nei ragazzi. Un caso di studio applicato"

Marianna Filandri and Silvia Pasqua, (21/2019) "Gender discrimination in academic careers in Italy"

Michele Belloni, Irene Simonetti and Francesca Zantomio, (22/2019) "Long-run effects of health shocks in a highly regulated labour market"

Lino Sau, (23/2019) "Schumpeter vs. Minsky on the Evolution of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship"

Emanuele Citera and Lino Sau, (24/2019) "Complexity, Conventions and Instability: the role of monetary policy"

Enrico Bertacchini, Alessandra Venturini, Roberto Zotti, (25/2019) "Drivers of Cultural Participation of Immigrants: Evidence from an Italian Survey"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio and Fabio Privileggi, (01/2018) "Fractal Attractors in Economic Growth Models with Random Pollution Externalities"

Cinzia Di Novi, Rowena Jacobs and Matteo Migheli, (02/2018) "Smoking Inequality across Genders and Socio-economic Classes. Evidence from Longitudinal Italian Data"

Paolo Silvestri, (03/2018) "Welfare State and Taxation. The Critical Point of Freedom Between Gift and Corruption"

Gaetano Carmeci, Luciano Mauro and Fabio Privileggi, (04/2018) "Growth Maximizing Government Size and Social Capital"

Cristiano Antonelli, Christophe Feder and Francesco Quatraro, (05/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Directed Technological Change and Technological Congruence: A New Framework for the Smart Specialization Strategy"

Francesco Quatraro and Alessandra Scandura, (06/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Academic Inventors and the Antecedents of Green Technologies. A Regional Analysis of Italian Patent Data"

Gianluca Orsatti, François Perruchas, Davide Consoli And Francesco Quatraro, (07/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Public Procurement, Local Labor Markets and Green Technological Change: Evidence from US Commuting Zones"

Sandro Montresor and Francesco Quatraro, (08/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Green Technologies and Smart Specialisation Strategies: A European Patent-Based Analysis of the Intertwining of Technological Relatedness and Key-Enabling-Technologies"

Silvia Labriola and Chiara Pronzato, (09/2018) "The determinants of children's use of extra-school time in Europe"

Pierluigi Conzo and Roberto Zotti, (10/2018) "Blessed are the First: The Long-Term Effect of Birth Order on Trust"

Elena Claudia Meroni, Daniela Piazzalunga and Chiara Pronzato, (11/2018) "Use of extra-school time and child behaviours. Evidence from the UK"

Eric Estolatan, Aldo Geuna, Marco Guerzoni and Massimiliano Nuccio, (12/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Mapping the Evolution of the Robotics Industry: A cross country comparison"

Simone Marsiglio and Fabio Privileggi, (13/2018) "On the Economic Growth and Environmental Trade-Off: a Multi-Objective Analysis"

Matteo Migheli and Roberto Zotti, (14/2018) "The Strange Case of Matthew Effect and Beauty Contest: Research Evaluation and Specialisation in the Italian Universities"

Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Anna Maccagnan and Silvia Mendolia, (15/2018) "The Gender Gap in Attitudes and Test Scores: a new construct of the mathematical capability"

Federico Revelli and Roberto Zotti, (16/2018) "The Sacred and the Profane of Budget Cycles: Evidence from Italian Municipalities"

Dalit Contini and Federica Cugnata, (17/2018) "How do institutions affect learning inequalities? Revisiting difference-in-difference models with international assessments"

Benedetto Leporia, Aldo Geuna and Antonietta Mira, (18/2018; LEI&BRICK) "Scientific Output of US and European Universities Scales Super-linearly with Resources"

Anna D'Ambrosio, Sandro Montresor, Mario Davide Parrilli, Francesco Quatraro, (01/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Migration, Communities-on-the-move and International Innovation Networks: An Empirical Analysis of Spanish Regions"

Pierluigi Conzo, Arnstein Aassve, Giulia Fuochi and Letizia Mencarini, (02/2017) "The Cultural Foundations of Happiness"

Christophe Feder and Rodrigo Kataishi, (03/2017) "Decentralization in Heterogeneous Regions: A Biased Technological Change Approach"

Paolo Silvestri, (04/2017; CESMEP) "Disputed (disciplinary) Boundaries: Philosophy, Economics and Value Judgments"

Benedetto Lepori, Aldo Geuna and Valerio Veglio, (05/2017; LEI&BRICK) "A Typology of European Universities. Differentiation and resource distribution"

Mario Cedrini and Magda Fontana,  (06/2017; CESMEP) "Just Another Niche in the Wall? How Specialization Is Changing the Face of Mainstream Economics"

Angela Ambrosino and Stefano Fiori, (07/2017) "How Can Formal Norms Change Informal Norms? Douglass North's Approach to Ideologies and Institutional Change"

Elena Maggi and Elena Vallino, (08/2017) "An Agent-Based Simulation of Urban Passenger Mobility and Related Policies. The Case Study of an Italian Small City"

Ernesto Cassetta, Linda Meleo, Umberto Monarca and Consuelo R. Nava, (09/2017) "Is the answer blowin' in the wind (auctions)? An assessment of Italian auction procedures to promote onshore wind energy"

Consuelo R. Nava, Linda Meleo, Ernesto Cassetta and Giovanna Morelli, (10/2017) "The Impact of the EU-ETS on the Aviation Sector: Competitive Effects of Abatement Efforts by Airlines"

Gianluca Orsatti, Michele Pezzoni and Francesco Quatraro, (11/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Where Do Green Technologies Come From? Inventor Teams' Recombinant Capabilities and the Creation of New Knowledge"

Cristiano Antonelli, (12/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Endogenous Innovation: The Creative Response"

Cristiano Antonelli, (13/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Digital Knowledge Generation and the Appropriability Trade-Off"

Cristiano Antonelli, (14/2017; LEI&BRICK) "From the Economics of Information to the Economics of Knowledge"

Cristiano Antonelli, (15/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Knowledge Properties and Economic Policy: A New Look "

Dalit Contini, Guido Salza and Andrea Scagni, (16/2017) "Dropout and Time to Degree in Italian Universities Around the Economic Crisis"

Cristiano Antonelli and Gianluigi Ferraris, (17/2017; LEI&BRICK) "The Creative Response and the Endogenous Dynamics of Pecuniary Knowledge Externalities: An Agent Based Simulation Model"

Riccardo Calcagno, Maela Giofré and Maria Cesira Urzì-Brancati, (18/2017) "To Trust is Good, but to Control Is Better: How Investors Discipline Financial Advisors'Activity"

Emanuele Bracco and Federico Revelli, (19/2017) "Concurrent Elections and Political Accountability: Evidence from Italian Local Elections"

Carla Marchese, Simone Marsiglio, Fabio Privileggi and Giovanni B. Ramello, (20/2017) "Endogenous Recombinant Growth and Intellectual Property Rights"

Magda Fontana, Martina Iori and Consuelo Rubina Nava, (21/2017) "Switching Behavior and the Liberalization of the Italian Electricity Retail Market. Logistic and Mixed Effect Bayesian Estimations of Consumer Choice"

Chiara Ardito, (22/2017) "Rising Pension Age in Italy: Employment Response and Program Substitution"

Elsa Fornero and Anna Lo Prete, (23/2017) "Voting in the Aftermath of a Pension Reform: The Role of Financial Literacy"

Anna D'Ambrosio and Sandro Montresor, (24/2017) "Migration and Trade Ows: New Evidence from Spanish Regions"

Anna Lo Prete and Federico Revelli, (25/2017)"Costly Voting, Turnout, and Candidate Valence"

Cristiano Antonelli (26/2017; LEI&BRICK) "Knowledge Exhaustibility and Schumpeterian Growth"

Cristiano Antonelli (27/2017; LEI&BRICK) "The Engines of the Creative Response: Reactivity and Knowledge Governance"

Cristiano Antonelli and Alessandra Colombelli (28/2017; LEI&BRICK) "The Locus of Knowledge Externalities and the Cost of Knowledge"

Magda Fontana and Giulia Chersoni (29/2017) "Economic Evaluation of Fuel Treatment Effectivness. Agent-Based Model Simulation of Fire Spreads Dynamics"

Marco Lanati and Alessandra Venturini (30/2017) "The Import of "Cultural Goods" and Emigration: an Unexplored Relation"

Gianna Lotito, Matteo Migheli and Guido Ortona (31/2017) "Competition, Information and Cooperation"

Elena Claudia Meroni, Daniela Piazzalunga and Chiara Pronzato (32/2017) "Use of Extra-School Time and Child Non-Cognitive Development. Evidence from the UK"

Vera Palea and Paolo Pietro Biancone (33/2017) "Which Accounting Rules for Economic and Social Sustainable Development? Engaging Critically with IFRS Adoption in the EU"

Anna Lo Prete (34/2017) "Inequality and the finance you know: does economic literacy matter?"

Pierluigi Conzo and Francesco Salustri (35/2017) "A war is forever: The long-run effects of early exposure to World War II on trust?"

Dalit Contini, Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Silvia Mendolia, (01/2016) "The Gender Gap in Mathematics Achievements: Evidence from Italian Data"

Alessandra Colombelli, Jackie Krafft and Marco Vivarelli, (02/2016; LEI&BRICK) "New Firms and Post-Entry Performance: The Role of Innovation"

Roman Fudickar, Hanna Hottenrott and Cornelia Lawson, (03/2016; LEI&BRICK) "What's the price of consulting? Effects of public and private sector consulting on academic research"

Carla Marchese and Fabio Privileggi, (04/2016) "A Competitive Idea-Based Growth Model with Shrinking Workers' Income Share"

Marco Guerzoni and Alexander Jordan,  (05/2016; LEI&BRICK) ""Cursed is the Ground because of You": Religion, Ethnicity, and the Adoption of Fertilizers in Rural Ethiopia"

Alessandra Colombelli and Francesco Quatraro,  (06/2016; LEI&BRICK) "Green Startups and Local Knowledge Bases: Newborn Suppliers of Energy-Related Technologies in Italian Provinces"

Dalit Contini and Federica Cugnata, (07/2016) "Learning Inequalities between Primary and Secondary School. Difference-In-Difference with International Assessments"

Nadine Marmai, Maria Franco Villoria and Marco Guerzoni, (08/2016; LEI&BRICK) "How the Black Swan damages the harvest: statistical modelling of extreme events in weather and crop production in Africa, Asia, and Latin America"

Dalit Contini, Federica Cugnata and Andrea Scagni, (09/2016) "Social selection in higher education. Enrolment, dropout and timely degree attainment in Italy"

Alessandra Colombelli, Anna D'Ambrosio, Valentina Meliciani and Francesco Quatraro, (10/2016; LEI&BRICK) "Explaining the industrial variety of newborn firms: The role of cultural and technological diversity"

Cristiano Antonelli, Francesco Crespi, Christian Mongeau and Giuseppe Scellato, (11/2016; LEI&BRICK) "Knowledge Composition, Jacobs Externalities and Innovation Performance in European Regions"

Cristiano Antonelli, (12/2016; LEI&BRICK) "The Derived Demand for Knowledge"

Anna Carreri, (13/2016) "Work-Family Decision Making Processes: How Italian Partners Swap their Perspectives (Re)Producing the Gender Agency Gap"

Vera Palea and Paolo Pietro Biancone, (14/2016) "Which Financial Reporting Standards Does the European Union Need?"

Alessandro Corsi, (15/2016) "Succession Decisions in Family Farms and Public Policies in Developed Countries"

Federico Revelli, (16/2016) "Voter Turnout in Italian Municipal Elections, 2002-2013"

Nadine Marmai, (17/2016) "Farmers' Investments in Innovative Technologies in Times of Precipitation Extremes: A Statistical Analysis for Rural Tanzania"

Alessandro Corsi and Silvia Novelli, (18/2016) "Alternative Food Networks and short food chains: estimating the economic value of the participation in solidarity purchasing groups"

Matteo Migheli, (19/2016) "Land Ownership, Access to Informal Credit and Its Cost in Rural Vietnam"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil and Fabio Privileggi, (20/2016) "Fractal Attractors and Singular Invariant Measures in Two-Sector Growth Models with Random Factor Shares"

Giuseppe Bertola, (21/2016) "European Unemployment Revisited: Shocks, Institutions, Integration"

Giuseppe Bertola, (22/2016) "France's Almost Public Private Schools"

Flavia Coda Moscarola, Ugo Colombino, Francesco Figari and Marilena Locatelli, (01/2015) "Shifting Taxes from Labour to Property.  A Simulation under Labour Market Equilibrium"

Flavia Coda Moscarola and Matteo Migheli, (02/2015) "Educating Children to Save: an Experimental Approach to Financial Education of Pupils in Primary Schools"

Aldo Geuna and Sotaro Shibayama, (03/2015; LEI&BRICK) "Moving Out Of Academic Research:  Why Scientists Stop Doing Research?"

Stefano Bianchini, Jackie Krafft, Francesco Quatraro and Jacques Ravix, (04/2015; LEI&BRICK) "Corporate Governance, Innovation and Firm Age: Insights and New Evidence"

Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino and Federico Perali, (05/2015) "A Centralized Approach to Modelling Collective Household Decisions: some preliminary results"

Aldo Geuna, Rodrigo Kataishi, Manuel Toselli, Eduardo Guzmán, Cornelia Lawson, Ana Fernandez-Zubieta and Beatriz Barros, (06/2015; LEI&BRICK) "SiSOB Data Extraction and Codification: A tool to analyse scientific careers"

Magda Fontana and Pietro Terna, (07/2015; Be.Compl.Ex) "From Agent-based models to network analysis (and return): the policy-making perspective"

Giuseppe Bertola and Anna Lo Prete, (08/2015) "Reforms, Finance, and Current Accounts"

Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil and Fabio Privileggi, (09/2015) "Self-Similar Measures in Multi-Sector Endogenous Growth Models"

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Giovanni (Gianni), Bianco (08/2002), "Lavoro nero ed imprese in nero: analisi del comportamento di imprese e famiglie"

La serie dei Working Papers LEI/BRICK è disponibile qui


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